From the Manager’s Desk

Learning is a process that fills the whole of one’s life – it begins with birth and ends with death. Truly wise people never stop learning, for learning is a process that must accompany us through life. The one who says, “I know there is everything to know” is already dying.

Growth that springs from learning is marked by experience. Experience contributes to wisdom & Wisdom is the way to live life fully. For instance, a child must develop its skills by picking up new ways of performing its daily routine. These new ways then enable him or her to pick out the best way to conserve time, resources and energy so as to produce the best results expending the least efforts.

There is also another side to life and that is learning how to improve one’s relationships with those we live with. Learning how to interact with another calls for good inter-personal skills. And the more we learn to be nice to each other, to support each other on the journey through life, the more fulfilling our life becomes. 

Being associated with St. John the Evangelist High School gives me the opportunity to interact with teachers and students alike. It allows me to grow in my joy and admiration of what each child, each teacher contributes to my own life.

I pray that each one of us learns to have a great warmth and respect for each other.

Fr. Clement de Lima